Website Privacy

We want to make one thing very clear and evident to our visitors and users that their information is only collected in a legal way and we do not carry out any illegal procedure to gather your information and credentials.

This section of Webpage describes our currently happening procedures and practices related to privacy. Our server automatically saves credentials of people who visit our sites. We do this as you benefit from our services which are available to you online. Your information and personal data is totally safe and secure with us and you need not to worry because we do not share this information with any entity or organization.

We have such systems in place which asks for your personal data or automatically stores your personal information on different spots and points in our webpage. For instance, your credentials are saved by our server on registrations. In addition to that, we might also collect your information from a third party or through email address or when you communicate with us through email.

Financial data is also collected if any deal takes place between us and our visitors. We can also save your data to send you information about our promotions and other stuff like that. The other types of personal credentials which we can collect from you are below:

What type of Information do we collect?

When you will visit our site, you will have to visit our registration form to proceed. In this form, we will ask for very basic information about you like your name, address, etc. The type of information just mentioned is recorded to keep you inform about our services and to provide you with regular updates on them.

We might also ask for awareness questions like who told you about us. Filling additional and optional information is encouraged by us as it helps us in providing you with better services through your feedback. This also helps us in building strong relationships with you.

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Our webpage may contain links to other sites and we want our customers to know to be careful in giving their personal information to any other such site. We would also like to advise our customers that they do read the section of web site related to privacy before giving any information because other web sites might have policies in place which you consider to be unethical or inappropriate.

If you wish to receive our newsletter or any update, you can provide your email address. Moreover, for future, if you have any concern you can also unsubscribe.

The website will not be responsible if you post any information in chat room or in a public forum within the site because in this case it will be no longer be safe with the site's server and will be public so we advise you to remain careful in disclosing your information while posting anything in any discussion within the site.

If there is any change in our privacy policy, we will post it in our newsletter. So, do not forget to read our newsletter for any changes in policies.