Texas Video Poker Rules and Peculiarities

Playing video poker at online casinos are really exciting and there are many players in this world who love to play the video poker in online casinos and comparing with other versions of poker it has the highest popularity like the Texas Hold'em of poker. This is a combination of poker 5 cards hand and the slots. This is a machine base casino games and this game was first played in the late 70's on the last century and since then this game becomes the total opponent of the slots because you can only use the luck in slots but in video poker you can use the strategy and skill to change the result of the game.

Video poker machines have different types of betting mechanism than slots because in every round of the game, the betting amount and system can be changed by the player. You will 5 cards in your hand and you can also choose which cards you want to replace and which cards you want to keep having the best poker hand to beat the machine. In this video version of poker you can't bet on more than one player's hands at a time, so you have to bet on a single hand at a time. There is no limit that you want put back where the real poker has limit to the number of backing cards.

Jacks or Superior Video Poker

Jacks video poker is the most popular poker versions in tradition and online poker casinos. The name means that you will be the winner if you got the pair of the jacks or better cards in your hand. There are no complicated rules of poker in the video poker and you can win a lot if you play perfectly. This is the base version of video poker and the players have greater odds to win the game and all other versions of video poker are based on this game.

Wild Jokers Video Poker

A 53 cards deck is used to play this video poker and this deck will contain the joker like the pai gow poker. In this version any card can be the joker and aces restrictions is not a problem in this poker like the pai gow poker. The odds of this version are better than others except the jacks to you can play this version to have better winnings.

Deuces Video Poker

In this version, a 52 cards deck is used and every 2 will be the wild card and that increases the odds of the game and also the rank of the lowest cards. Though, it has better odds but the payouts are not simpler and the paying rules are different than other types of poker.

Multi-Handed Play

This is the game, where you will be able to bet on different hands at a time. When you choose the 5 cards you want to keep then the machine will show you 3 different combinations for those 5 cards and if you want to bet on 1 hand or 2 hands or 3 hands you can do that but to bet for 2 hands you have to pay twice the single hand betting amount and if you want to bet on the 3 hands at a time then you have to pay 3 times of the single hand betting amount.