Casino Odds

You have to always learn about the numbers to play blackjack because numbers are the main catalyst to play the game and craps is not so different. Whenever you play these two games remember one thing clear that it will be your decision to make that you win or lose in the game. In blackjack you can win if you know the rules and strategy well and use them perfectly in the game but for craps you can't change the outcome but you can place bets on the right bet to ensure the odds to win the game for most times and lose for less times.


21 is the most popular name of the blackjack and you have to get the point of 21 or closer to it to beat the house. If you have the point over 21 then you will be busted and you will lose the game automatically. In this game every player is playing against the dealer not to other players so thinking other players as your enemy will be your greatest mistake in the game.

Card counting is the best strategy for the players in blackjack because if you can every card that already dealt then you will have better estimation about which card can be dealt next and for that case you can make your decision whether you stand or hit another card. If you know which card you will get next and if you have an ace and the next card has higher probability to be a 10 valued card then you can call double down to twice your betting amount.

Whenever you play blackjack always remember that, if you can use proper strategy and play correctly then you have the chances to change the outcome of the game and if you are 100% correct then the house edge will be reduced to less than 1% and that is something you always want to get. Never use the insurance because this is the weak point of each blackjack player and the player will lose all sooner or later if the player uses the insurance.


This is the game what has exciting and thrilling feelings in the whole game. 2 dices are used to roll on the craps table and 2 to 12 number can be occurred. Players have to bet on each number depending on the rules of the game and the payouts of craps are different for different types of bets. People can think, craps is a complicated game to understand but it is not true and the truth is you just need to learn the basic rules of the game and then play after that you will start to learn everything about the game.

The game starts, when shooter throws the dices to the craps table and then you and other players have to bet on the pass line and if 7 or 11 come out then all pass line bets will win but if 2 or 3 or 12 come out then all don't pass line wins. There are many types of bets in craps but you do not need to learn all bets to play the game. You will need to learn the basic bets to of the game and after playing some time you will learn about other types of bets automatically.