Size Does Matter

Unibet bonus review: When it comes to the fortunes of the online gambling industry that age-old question of ‘does size matter?’ is greeted with a resounding ‘yes!’ Whether the financial numbers or player numbers come under the microscope they all lead to the same conclusion: the number of consumers driving this market needs to be plentiful.


At the recent mGaming Summit in London, H2 Gambling Capital distributed data that showed the expected growth in the online gambling industry, and it was great news. The measure used was ‘gross win.’ The definition of which is ‘stakes less prizes but including bonuses’. Turnover is avoided due to the luck factor present in the fact that players often win as well as lose.


In 2012, H2 Gambling Capital valued the online global gambling market at €21.73bn. If you factor in the wonderful power of compound growth, then that number is expected to rise by a not too shabby looking 9.13% by 2015. That means €28.24bn in just two years time. That’s an incredibly exciting number for anybody involved in online gambling.  If 9.13% doesn’t whet your appetite then consider that the global online gambling market created a gross win of just €6.62bn when it emerged from the shadows of retail back in 2003.


The devil is in the detail, and when you look deeper into the financial distribution of gross win during 2012, you see an interesting picture. Online sports betting accounted for 53% of that traffic generating €11.5bn in cash, the online casino business contributed 25.4% for €5.5bn, online poker accounted for 14.2% at €3.1bn and one of the fastest growing interests, bingo, chipped in with 7.4% and €1.6bn of gross win.


Online gambling is big business.