An Introductory Guide to Play Roulette Online Games!

Casino fans around the globe love playing Roulette Games due to its simple nature and number of betting options. You can choose from a wide variety of Roulette games ranging from classics European, American and French variants to modern and unique versions specially designed to be played at online casinos. Though differing in terms of rules and payouts, all the Roulette games follow the same basic gameplay which is quite easy to learn and understand. Roulette also offers a high excitement level for serious players looking for some huge winnings through complicated systems.

Roulette in its earliest forms is believed to have been originated in a French monastery in the 17th century. The Roulette wheel was invented while working to create the perpetual motion machine that would revolve continuously without energy from an external source. The person failed to make this machine but came up with a Roulette wheel. The meaning of Roulette in French is ‘little wheel’. The Roulette wheel contains numbered slots in black and red and a small ball is spun along the wheel which ultimately lands in a slot declared as the winning number.

Play Roulette Online Variations

The popular game has evolved in numerous ways through all these years. Americans introduced many new forms of the game to invent an entirely new Roulette variant called American Roulette. It is necessary to know the differences between these variants to be able to choose the right type of Roulette game for you.

American Roulette – The most important thing in American Roulette is the Roulette wheel. It contains a double zero pocket. The American Roulette wheel contains the numbers laid out logically but positioned opposite to each other. For instance, 1 is positioned across the wheel away from 2. With extra 00 slot, the winning chances for any bet are 1 in 38.

European Roulette – This Roulette version is the most authentic because the game originated in France. In a European roulette wheel, the numbers from 0 to 36 are positioned in a random fashion around the edge. The winning odds for players, with 37 numbers, are 1 in 37 for a straight up bet. The casino edge for this version is low, at 2.7%. This means that when you lose in a Roulette game, the losses are smaller for European Roulette than American variant with a house edge of 5.27%.

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